Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wild Flowers of the Monsoon

Wild Flower - MagentaWild Flower - Red Yellow

On a recent birding trip to Valley School, I learnt a few important lessons in patience. The birds were many, but photographs few. The foliage, the restlessness of the birds and my incompetence all contributed to the lack of good bird photographs.

Fortunately, the lack of cooperative birds, brought to my attention the flowers that grow wild, particularly during the monsoon. I know absolutely nothing about these flowers, except that I found each of them breath-takingly beautiful.

Wild Flower - Amazing!

This is a Passion Flower - partially opened. We would never seen this amazing looking flower, had we not stopped to look at a sun bird near by.

Wild Flower - Tiny Pink

This was a tiny pink flower that was growing just on the road side. It looked very delicate and was beautifully placed.

Wild Flower - WhiteWild Flower - Red Yellow

Often in our haste, we pass by many such beauties everyday. Do stop and have a look at nature's art, it is well worth the effort.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice pics...loved the passion flower and the second flower...too good!!

Unknown said...

@Aditya, Thanks for your comments.

Just learnt that the red and yellow flower at the bottom right of my post is called Butterfly Weed.

Anonymous said...

Very nice indeed! In fact, Im glad that you couldn't take bird pictures.. you would've missed these otherwise!!

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