Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lalbagh - Water Birds

Lalbagh is a botanical garden in Bangalore. Quite a variety of birds can be seen here. Ive made only 3 visits to lalbagh so far and have found quite a sizeable number.
There is a lake at the centre of the Park, here and in the area around it a large number of water birds can be seen.

White Breasted KingFisher (Love the blue color)

Purple Moor Hen (See the red feet)

White Breasted KingFisher (It finally turned around, after lots of prayers)

Pond Heron (possibly juvenile)
Common Rat Snake swallowing fish.

(Yes, I know this isn't a water bird, but I've never seen a snake swallowing a fish before.)

White Breasted Water Hen

SpotBilled Pelican (Migrant)
Large Cormorant
Common Egret (Breeding plumage)

Pond Heron

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