About Me

I'm an eccentric hobbyist. I have a lot of varied interests and I'm equally passionate about all of them; in spirit at least. I'm also lazy; very lazy.

I blog about some of my hobbies - Bird Watching, Gardening, Nature and Wildlife, Travel, Art and History, Food and Culture.

I've taken to photography since I met my bigger half - Keshav . I use a Canon 350D with my favorite Sigma 70-300mm lens - the only lens I can manage to carry without building biceps. I use my camera as a tool to id birds, flowers and little critters and as a record of places Ive been.

If you are looking for a proper photography site and blog, please check Keshav's website

I'm a proud Bangalorean and I love my city. I've also lived in Mumbai, Dubai and Shimoga.

I'm a software engineer by profession. I pay for my expensive hobbies by writing code for a multi-national networking company.

I'm GSB by birth ( if you don't know what a GSB is, dont worry) and my ancestors hail from Katapady village near Udupi.

I appreciate comments, feel free to post them on all the posts you like or don't like. All comments are moderated. Do not use this blog to advertize commercial interests. Please note all images on this blog are copyrighted. Do not copy this content without permission. Drop me a comment or mail for permission and I will be happy to provide you with those.
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