Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lalbagh - Water Birds

Lalbagh is a botanical garden in Bangalore. Quite a variety of birds can be seen here. Ive made only 3 visits to lalbagh so far and have found quite a sizeable number.
There is a lake at the centre of the Park, here and in the area around it a large number of water birds can be seen.

White Breasted KingFisher (Love the blue color)

Purple Moor Hen (See the red feet)

White Breasted KingFisher (It finally turned around, after lots of prayers)

Pond Heron (possibly juvenile)
Common Rat Snake swallowing fish.

(Yes, I know this isn't a water bird, but I've never seen a snake swallowing a fish before.)

White Breasted Water Hen

SpotBilled Pelican (Migrant)
Large Cormorant
Common Egret (Breeding plumage)

Pond Heron


MohandaaS said...

very nice and informative , i live close to lalbagh and have many shots , this helped me to identify most of them . keep up the good work

Unknown said...


Thanks for visiting, glad you found the post useful!

Anonymous said...

it is really amazing......i have to really appreciate you for finding out the names of each species...which many of the photegraphers donot...i think that has made your snaps more attractive and useful

Unknown said...


Thanks for your comments, glad you found the post informative! Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

Anonymous said...

Hi maam. The photos are wonderfull. even i have captured Eurasian orioles, Asian Paradise flycatcher and barbets and many others. now i dont know how to upload the photographs. also i would like to see more photographs of the birds u have captured on ur cam. pl reply.

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting, and for your comments, If you'd like to see more photos, please click on the flickr gallery at the top of this page.
Alternatively use :

Pls let me know where you'd like to upload your photos and I'll be happy to help.

Natasha Mhatre said...

Hi Rohini, just wanted to point out that the snake is a checkered keelback not a rat-snake.

Unknown said...

@Natasha: Thanks so much for visiting! I do enjoy following your blog. And thanks for the id help.

Anonymous said...

Hi..Thanks to your blog I was able to help my two year old get a good view of the birds she sees on her daily walk in lal bagh

Anonymous said...

Hi Rohini,

Thanks for sharing the photographs. It was enjoyable to go through your photos.



Unknown said...

@Anonymous: Glad my photos helped!
@Balakrishna: Thank you for leaving a comment! It is always appreciated and a great source of encouragement!

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Pond Liner said...

I have read may article on this lalbagh garden. This pictures gives nice idea of it. Very nice pictures love it....!

Anonymous said...

the snake is not a rat snake... its a checkered keelback (or common water snake)... good capture...


Gautam dayal said...

These photos are very good.Lalbagh has so many birds.last time i went i saw a verditer flycatcher and millions of Purple moorhens.

Unknown said...

That snake that is swallowing a fish is not a Rat Snake. It is a Checkered Keelback Water Snake (Xenochrophis piscator). Otherwise, amazing photos of brilliant wildife :)

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