Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Feathered neighbours

Golden Oriole
Eurasian Golden Oriole

I am posting after a seriously long break - having been delayed by work, lethargy, a trip to Mangalore (next post), the flu and a wisdom tooth. But I am now back, albeit minus the tooth, which my dentist extracted, much to my relief.

The combination of flu and wisdom tooth kept me at home for a week and gave me a chance to see the bird life at home. (something we usually get to see only in the mornings at breakfast)

The tamarind tree was the last (among the rest) to shed leaves and when it did, no one was happier than I! At last, there was a clear view of all the twittering little birds that tormented us every morning.

We have had the following visitors this Summer:

The Golden Oriole is back, the Black naped oriole (migratory) is now not seen anymore, so I assume it has returned home. The barbets are nesting and are often seen in pairs. Offlate, we have seen them with berries in their beaks; no doubt, take-aways for the kids at home.

The white breasted Kingfisher made a rare appearance on our terrace on a sunday morning, much to our delight. We have seen a pair of them recently.

Two's Company
Barbet Couple
White Breasted Kingfisher

The lake at bagmane is being fished by the fishery dept. and this presents a great opportunity to watch kites ( black kites and brahminy kites ) fish in the lake and then squabble over the rich pickings. We also saw a nice yellowish water snake. Bad pictures though. The pied kingfisher was also seen on his favourite perch, though the male was alone this time.

Lakeview Bldg - Bagmane Tech Park (see the nets, white dots)

To help our feathered friends beat the summer heat - I have been keeping a shallow clay vessel filled with water, in the shade of the red hibiscus I have growing in the garden. I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair of Great Tits using it to bathe and drink every morning. If you are planning something similar and don't have a shallow vessel, place a few large stones in the pot so that the birds can use it as a island.

Great Tit - Early Morning.

Another surprise visitor and one who often comes in at tea-time is a Shikra. An adult male; ( I know this, because it has red eyes ) he likes to use the terrace fence as a lookout post, always sits in the same spot and tolerates our presence, albeit from a distance.

Shikra Adult Male
Greenish Warbler
Greenish Warbler?

The fearless visitors are the pied wagtails. Four of them, who like to occasionally inspect the garden by walking along the edge and sing cheerfully from the cable wires that are overhead. Even the presence of Keshav; bazooka in hand, a few feet away, does not bother them. But their constant movement prevents me from getting any good photos.

The regular visitors are there as usual, the spotted dove couple, the three drongos and a bunch of flowerpeckers, one of which bravely posed for photos.

Spotted dove at dawn

Some new visitors; recently, but not often spotted are the Red whiskered bulbul ( seen only once ) , a warbler ( possibly greenish warbler - id confirmation is appreciated) and the Coppersmith barbet ( seen only in the afternoons, when the light is too harsh for good photos )

Pond Heron
Surprised Pond Heron

Nothing lasts for ever .... And the bare tamarind tree returned to its former glory recently, sporting a most luxuriant growth! No doubt, it surprised this pond heron who decided to test it by perching at the very tip of a twig.


Lalbagh has been in the news lately, and while reading an article on it on Google News, i came across the unauthorized use of 2 of my photos by the Mid-Day Newspaper.


The photos - 2nd and 3rd are taken from an early blog post on lalbagh.
I'm not surprised that a paper would not have asked permission before using pictures found on the net. I am however surprised when a email to their editors, pointing out their oversight, is not replied to.

As a general rule, I have decided now, to place the © mark on all my posted images.


Santosh Bs said...

Finally ur back and with a bang. Some really wonderful photos from ur house... Good u had that flu and wisdom tooth - u got some good photographs in lieu of few sleepless nights! Good deal! :-)

Agree to the fact that the newspaper editors are the most unresponsive and to make them reply is an herculean task by itself.
Wonder how many of our photographs have been whacked by who all?

Good to hear ur back in good health!
Keep posting Keep rocking!


anoop said...

hey, nice photos.
i have never managed a good shot of the kingfisher yet. The Shikra perched on the railing, throwing a side glance looks spooky.

For copyrighting I use Creative commons. check out - http://creativecommons.org/
I don't think it'll prevent the shameless plagiarist, but it should act as a hindrance. I And yeah, I hate putting (c) symbols on my photos :)

Anonymous said...

Wow...lovely photos. Can't believe that all these birds were at Bagmane. Never even looked up to see them, all these times when I am travelling that side.

Good job, and a good idea to make sure your photos have the copyright symbol.

Sucks that newspapers just lift material from blogs.

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