Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First shots with Canon 350D


This blog post is to say goodbye to my companion of many years - my beloved Canon Powershot S3 IS.

My better (bigger actually) half has upgraded his equipment and I decided to finally take the big step and get into the big bad and very expensive world of DSLRs with the Canon 350D

One small step for me, a giant hole in my wallet

Currently I'm using a Sigma 70-300mm lens. I'd like to say that the choice of lens is a result of careful planning and extensive research. But, no.. its actually the only one I could comfortably hold. Since it also has a bit of macro capability it also helps me chase my butterflies and other little-er critters.

Butterfly - Id Pls

This one of a little blue insect particularly surprised me. The focus is on the insect.

Sun Flower with Little Blue Insect

When it comes to birds, its quite sufficient in my opinion, since I don't like to use a tripod ( especially if I have to carry the damn thing about ). True, I cannot look deep into the bird's eyeballs, but then if that's what you want to do, you're better off being a bird optician.


Keshav and I spent a weekend making friends with the friendly neighborhood swallows and wagtails, to try out the new equipment, in preparation for the upcoming trip to Gir. ( Yes, finally, we're going )


These shots came out quite well in my opinion, comments welcome as always.. The only issue I'm having currently is with the exposure settings - I think its a matter of getting the hang of it.

Btw, a purple sunbird male made a flying visit to our balcony. I'm now thinking of ways to make him come back again, preferably with friends in tow.


Anuradha Shankar said...

Fantastic! makes me want to buy one too,..

Santosh Bs said...

thats great! welcome to the canon gang :)
I use the Tamron 28-300 lens on my Canon.

Have a great Gir trip!

anoop said...

I see that you have chinese fans too!

Firstly, I'm impressed that you didn't fall to the trap of a more expensive DSLR (read wasteful) with features which you wont use. Oh! or is this Keshav's camera you are using and he upgraded to a costlier one? :P
Anyways, I love the sharpness and clarity you are getting from the 350D with Sigma lens. I really like the composition of the first and third photos. The focusing in the third is splendid.

Unknown said...

:D Ofcourse its keshav's camera. He upgraded to Canon 7D. Rather than sell his camera, I thought I'd use it instead.
We invested in a Canon kit lens additionally with the 7D, else we'd have only 1 lens between us.
My camera is with my dad now, my dad's olympus is being used by my mom. :)

Cruz said...

1st is cool, yet 2 c others. coincidentally am also forced to buy a new olympus stolen. thinkin of Mark II...

Tandarin Nike said...

Just superb.. photography at its best

Trails of a Traveler said...

Saw these photos in your flickr itself. Very good one. Congrats on your new 350D!


Unknown said...

Thanks people for your comments!

@Sujay : Too bad that your camera got stolen. You might want to consider going in for insurance for the next one you buy. I dont know what all it covers but its something Keshav is exploring for his. I'll post some info, if and when we find it.

abinash said...

What are the lenses you use? Great pictures. Good work.

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