Friday, January 16, 2009

Soliciting your opinions

With the weekend around the corner, its time to plan a quick outing again. We're heading to Chennai for the weekend, to catch up with a few friends.

We'll be driving down and we plan to see Mahabalipuram as well on our way back.

We were shocked to find that, Times Food Guide only covers ( Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai) and a few Firang Capitals.

Please help us by providing suggestions on places to eat in Chennai. (Authentic food pls)

Any info on specific places to be seen/avoided in Mahabalipuram / Chennai are also welcome.

If you have noticed, I have began to post topics beyond just nature trips here. Pls take part in the poll and let me have your opinion on this.

And, What are your plans this weekend?


Santosh Bs said...

I thought u were participating in the Bangalore bird race 2009 event!!!

Different topics once in a while is great but it does not gel with the blog address "Birds & Bees"


Aditya Kamath said...

Well, I had been to Mahabalipuram should visit the beach! I saw two large dead turtles and a variety of sea too might find something!

Veena. Acha. Kuruvilla. Chandy. said...

Read this a little too late. :(

Namma ooru (well at least for 3 years and would have liked to recommended).

Unknown said...

@Rao: With my current luck, the Bird Race would be a bad idea :D Thanks for your opinion, I'll keep it in mind. I do agree with you.

@Aditya: We had just half a day in Mahabalipuram, so couldnt see the beach. We did however see a tiny little beach just off ECR, more on that in my next few posts.

@Veena: Thanks for visiting. Not to worry, we plan to do this again, given the great time we had there, this time though we'll take opinions well before hand. This was an unplanned trip to meet friends, so we had to play it by ear.

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