Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fly South for the winter

Its migration season and the winter migrants are arriving bringing cheer and some variety to birding :) I did a little research and compiled a little list of the birds we can see in and around Bangalore.

Pls feel free to provide additions or corrections.

1. Rosy Pastor / Starling

They come in from Europe and are seen in large flocks.
The breeding range of this bird is from easternmost Europe across temperate southern Asia. It is a strong migrant, and winters in India and tropical Asia.

Rosy Starlings

This photo was taken just as we rose from slumber and a large noisy flock decended upon the tree outside our balcony. Was shot without my glasses on, so it was really point and shoot. Flock composed of about 20 odd individuals. They sat happily for around 20 minutes, before leaving. We never saw them again.


2. Black Naped Oriole

They come from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands where they are resident.

Black Naped Oriole MaleBlack Naped Oriole Male

This handsome guy is often seen, both photos were taken on different occasions. He sings quite badly, and often wakes us up with a horrid squaking noise. He sadly never shows himself when the light is good.

3. Verditer Flycatcher

Is a resident in Himalayas and north-east India and winters in the subcontinent.

Verditer Fly catcher

Was seen just twice in the same week and never again.

4. Blue-capped Rock Thrush

Blue Capped Rock Thrush

This thrush breeds in the foothills of the Himalayas and winters in the hill forests of southern India. This particularly bad photo was taken during our recent trip to BR Hills just outside our Tent. This is a record shot and I apologise for the poor quality. Lots more on our trip will follow in subsequent posts.


5. Bar Headed Geese ( Can be seen in TG Halli )
6. Green Sandpiper
7. Eurasian Golden Oriole ( Can be seen in Lalbagh )
8. Grey Headed Myna /starling ( Can be seen in Lalbagh )
9. Brown Shrike
10. Grey Drongo
11. Brown Flycatcher
12. Dull Green Leaf Warbler
13. Indian Pitta ( Can be seen in Nandi Hills)

Source : http://www.karnatakawildernesstourism.org/default.asp?id=20

"You better watch out,
You better not sigh,
You better look out,
I'm telling you why,
The winter migrants are coming to town"

Happy Holidays to all! :)

I would welcome any info on the sightings of the rosy pastors or other birds mentioned here. If anyone has seen any of them at lalbagh pls do let me know.


Aditya Kamath said...

Hi, guess what I still have that Blue CApped Rock Thrush in my backyard...it's been there for about a month now and it's right in the middle of the city!

I loved that little poem and the info.

ixedoc said...

10 Feb 2009
Around 50 or more Rosy Pastors are twittering excitedly outside my window on low tree right now at eleven in the morning. Its been two weeks or so since noisy flocks of these migrants arrived adding their cacophonous mite to the general bedlam and mayhem that is part of mydawn fare at my residence twenty kms south of Mangalore
Dr. Arunachalam Kumar

Unknown said...

@Aditya: Thanks! So sorry about the delayed response to your comments. Delighted to hear about your backyard thrush! This week has brought our terrace a lot of new visitors: 1 white throated kingfisher, 1 shikra (2 visits), 1 pair pied wagtails.

Unknown said...

@Dr. Arunachalam: Thanks so much for visiting and for the info! I used to see the flocks at my previous home on airport road, but this year, we havent seen them. You are indeed lucky to have them as part of your morning chorus!

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