Saturday, January 19, 2008

Devrayana Durga

View from the Temple

Winter in Bangalore is a most beautiful time, of clear skies and sunny weather with a chilly breeze. Its the perfect weather to roam outside the city limits away from the maddening traffic, noise and pollution. If you have the same idea as we did, Dev Narayan durga is the place to go.

DevNarayanDurga Lake and Trees

Getting There

We set off as usual around 5:30am from home, going towards Yeshwantpur and taking the Tumkur highway. 45-50 km on this highway, theres a flyover that bypasses a village. We took the flyover and then took the first possible U - turn. We continued on the kaccha road that runs parallel to tumkur high way.
Continuing for 17 kms (road is pathetic); there after direction boards are available.

Once the bad road starts, the birding begins, we kept our eyes peeled, spotting several swallows sitting on the electric wires, Indian Rollers, Kingfishers and a Spotted Owlet; all up and looking for breakfast as the sun rose. Bee eaters are plentiful all around.

Dev Narayan Durga Lake Scape

Our first real halt was at the Lake at the foot of the hills. The arched gateway leading to the lake was under repair, we look a parallel road just a few feet after it. The lake was deserted, save for a few washer women.

Pied BushChat (F)
Pied BushChat - Female
Small Green Bee Eater
Small Green Bee Eater

A Pied Bushchat couple lead us on a merry chase, till finally the female relented and stopped to pose. The male was a lot more restless and would not sit still. The bee-eaters were more patient.

Pied BushChat (M)

On the opposite side of the bank, we saw a pair of Red Wattled lapwings, and a lone grebe bobbed in the water. A pair of energetic White browed (large pied) wagtails flew about. We walked about for a while, and sat down on some rocks on the edge of the lake. It is a perfect spot for a picnic, but please be careful not to litter or disturb the peace.

Going up the winding road, through some dense vegetation, we paused to see some little active birds, sadly they flew away as soon as the car stopped! We made our way up the hair pin bends to the temple at the top. There is ample space to park and a couple sell refreshments there.

Winding RoadHillSide Scape

We munched on fresh cucumber and watched red vented bulbuls and prinias darting about. Also seen were purple sunbirds and red whiskered bulbuls. The rocky area is perfect to see rock agamas and other little reptiles. We saw a beautiful little skink under a rock and waited for around 10 minutes for it to come out for a photo. But it was shy and we were baking in the sun, so we left it in peace.

Lizard Pose
Rock Agama - Non Breeding colours

We went further up the hill till we reached the highest point, and then made our way back home following the same route back. We stopped for lunch at Kamath Upchar. The other option was Coffee Day.

Wear full sleeved clothing - I returned several shades darker. Sun screen and water is a must. Water is available at the temple, but no where else along the way.
Carry food - we carried biscuits and chocolate. ( I still remember the taste of Ghirardelli - Twilight Delight and Lindt - Intense Orange )
Keep some chocolate in reserve for the drive back to the city, it will be very much needed. [ :-) ]

Driving directions were provided by Keshav, his photos can be seen here


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for putting this info together. But the name of the place is "Devarayana Durga"
No Narayana in there.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot, I have made the correction.
This is what comes from not being able to read the Kannada sign boards I guess. [:)]

Guruprasad Timmapur said...

nice trip report..... Dava Rayana Durga is a nice place for birding.... Can u pls tell where the lake is found in deva Rayana Durga? I had been to DDSF but dint find any lake there(is it in the village @ foot of the hill??).....

Thank u

Hamadryad said...

Loved the rock agama picture ... Have u posted this on INW?

Unknown said...


Thanks for visiting and your comments. The lake can be seen on the way up to the temple.
Its easily visible, just 200 mts after the arch. There is a bus-stop also there.

Unknown said...


Yes, the Rock agama is posted on INW. Link is below :

Unknown said...

Got a new route to this place from Ashwin Chandraiah (INW):
The route from dabbaspet to deva rayana durga is really it is being mettalled right now.
The best way to this location is to take a right towards Siddaganga Mutt at Kyathasnadra before Tumkur and head towards Namchilume and take a right after Namchilume. The road is good and u can do a lot of birding and if lucky, spot a bear or even a tiger! "

FYI we have not tried this ourselves yet.

Guruprasad Timmapur said...

I had taken the route u mentioned.. may be that is the reason i missed the lake(in the pic)..... sighting a bear is ok but tiger sighting is too much of an expectation :) but still, let us be hopefull.........


Guruprasad Timmapur said...

I had taken the route u mentioned.. may be that is the reason i missed the lake(in the pic)..... sighting a bear is ok but tiger sighting is too much of an expectation :) but still, let us be hopeful.........


upendra jena said...

Dear Rohini,

The pictures are fantastic,
which camera has been used,

pls guide me,

Unknown said...

Thanks Upendra, these photos were taken ages ago with my ancient Powershot S3IS.

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