Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Karanji Lake

Karanji Lake Landscape 3

After Ranganathittu, we went on to Karanji Lake. Asking for directions (our driver was so drunk, he couldn’t figure out where it was) proved to be really hard (despite the fact that my Dad is fluent Kannada.)

Eventually it became clear that we should enquire about ‘Karanji Kere’, and not Lake. Once we had figured this out, it was easy to find.
Karanji Lake is not a natural lake, but a reservoir created by a king of mysore around a 100 years ago. (this is according to a board in the park, we don’t know when the board was put up)

K-Black Ibis
Black Ibis

Tickets are sold for entry with an extra fee charged for still and video cameras; they don’t seem to be very strict about this. Cars which are parked in their not so ample parking area must also have tickets purchased. But, our driver was too drunk to be bothered and the guard was too sleepy to be concerned.

K-Two headed Stork
Open Billed Stork Twins

We were unable to cover the whole of the park; we walked along the pathways, and towards the enormous lake. On the tree stumps, submerged in the water, several water birds posed for photographs.

Black Ibis (Lone)
Asian Open Billed Stork (Several)
Darter – Snake Bird (Lone)
Large Cormorant
Purple Heron
Little Egret

Painted Stork

Moving on, we walked up to the Aviary, which was a sad netted enclosure where Peacocks, ducks, rare pheasants and pigeons were jailed. They allow people to walk into it and photograph the birds with in. This is a bad practice since most people thought this was a great opportunity to chase the birds about. A harassed looking employee tried hard to keep them in check, and eventually gave up.

Grey Heron in Flight

We walked till the watch tower (its 3 storey high) which offers lovely views of the lake and trees which serve as heronries. We saw large numbers of sun birds in the bushes at the foot of the watch tower.

K-Great Cormorant Landing
Large Cormorant Landing

Spot Billed Pelicans (3)
Grey Heron (lone)
Large Cormorant
Large Egret (lone)
Brahminy Kites (two)
Painted Stork (2)
Black headed Ibis (2)
Little Grebe (lone)
Spot Billed Ducks (3)

K-SpotBilled Duck(M)
Spot Billed Duck - Male (red markings)

Another 2 km in the same direction would have taken us to the butterfly park. But we were tired from all the walking. Keshav was tired of carrying his bazooka about, and mom who had thoughtfully packed a few kilos of edibles (which she lugged around along with our heavy binoculars) was tired too. I was totally exhausted, though I carried nothing more than my S3.
We left the butterfly park for another day.

Purple Sun Bird - Male

Yes, people. I’m kind of free, hence the wholesale posting of long pending blogs. [:D] We are off on our vacation from 7th, will be back in B'lore on 14th.


Unknown said...

superb photos.......

praveen77 said...

Great pics...guess most people give Karanji kere the miss. I hope it is not littered as other places nearby.

Sridharan said...

Wonderful pics.. I have missed this place in Mysore.. will make it the next time..!

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