Friday, November 2, 2007

Katapadi III - Life in the undergrowth

Butterfly - Papilio Polytes Romulus female
Butterfly - Papilio Polytes Romulus female

Also called Common Mormon. It mimics the Crimson Rose. An interesting read about the mimicry of this butterfly can be found here .

In addition to all the birds, I was surprised by the varieties of butterflies that visited our back yard. Sadly most were extremely restless and hardly sat.


A group of shiny blue and red butterflies always fluttered at tree top level and never came lower than the high branches. A large black and yellow bird wing also wandered around, never sat anywhere.

Also seen was a large black butterfly with bluish tinge on the upper side of its wings. I've also seen it near Indranagar park.

The cooperative ones, that did sit still, have my gratitude.

Chocolate Pansy Butterfly
ButterFly - Chocolate Pansy

ButterFly - Common Snow flat
ButterFly - Common Snow flat

lizard - id ?

Found this little spirited guy while waiting for some bablers to settle down. There were 2 of them. Only this guy was bold enough to pose. No idea of the species.

We also visited some rice fields at a neighbour's house and there I saw a few dragonflies, by the river side.


ButterFly - Common Jezebel

I have a habit of looking into any passing well. And I've noticed that most wells I've peeped into usually has a resident tortoise-like creature. Any help in id-ing this would be greatly appreciated.


Keshav said...

The common crow butterfly and the lizard are stunning. Especially the lizard.

Regarding your comments - Will update them all very soon.

Anonymous said...

I like that last statment abt wells and peeping into it, hoping to find a treasure:)
Recently i spotted a checkered keelback, struggling to get out of it. No idea abt the tortoise

anoop said...

I liked the Papilio Polytes and Draggon Fly photos - nice contrast. The Common crow butterfly is indeed a common species, I remember observing them on a couple of visits to Karanji kere.

Nithin Kamath said...

So many butterflies and insects in your backyard, you must be having a mini forest in your house then.

Nice and beautiful photo's.

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