Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mini Forest in the City

Bangalore is fast expanding and losing its green cover, ever increasingly, to concrete and grime. That was why, I was delighted to discover that in the midst of the ugly urban sprawl, was a miniature forest preserved by the Forest Dept.

JPNagar4Aug RedBBFlyJPNagar4Aug GreenMoth

JPNagar4Aug OrangeBFly

JPNagar4Aug DFly

JPNagar4Aug Beetle

JPNagar4Aug YBFly (2)1

JPNagar4Aug GBug2
JPNagar4Aug Snail

The Forest is actually a cultivated forest by the forest dept. and not a natural one. Though we went there to see the birds, we saw a large number of colourful insects as well. They were a lot more co-operative than the fickle birds.
Im afraid I dont know the names of the insects featured here. Any help in identification will be appreciated.

Brahmini Kite

We reached the gate around 6:25am. Bird activity was in full swing around 7:30 or so. Though, the parakeets were up and about when we had just gotten there. There are numerous apartment buildings nearby and the parking is on the road.

We had breakfast at Woody's. There is ample parking and the facilities are not too shabby. Do try the Mysore Masala Dosa.
Getting to Woody's :
Continue going straight from the mini forest towards the main road, till you have crossed two major crossings. On the third crossing, ( The JP Nagar - BTM main road) turn left and around 200 meters down the road, it is on the left side.

Bird Sightings:
Flowerpeckers (hordes)
Parakeets (large flocks)
Tailor birds (heard, not seen)
Coucal Pair (Crow Pheasants)
Sun birds (several)
Brahmini Kite
Pariah Kite
Geese / Ducks (flying over head - heading perhaps to a nearby lake)

Getting there:
Going down Bannerghatta Road, take the first right after Shopper’s Stop. (This takes you to Mysore Road).
About half a km down this road, you hit Delmia Circle (the first major traffic signal).
There is a K.C.Das store on the left. Take this left.
Go down the road which is muddy in patches, past the “Green Skies Blue Forest” Apartments. This leads you to the entrance of the reserve forest.

I learnt of this place through this blog : http://thoughtsinflight.wordpress.com/2007/04/29/birding-in-the-city/

Since I get lost very easily, I find this site by the Bangalore Traffic police very useful: http://www.btis.in/directions.htm

Many thanks to Keshav for getting us there and back. I would have surely gotten lost.


anoop said...

hey, the insect shots have come very well, particularly the butterfly and bugs pictures exude colours.

incomplete directions for woody's hotel.. though i know where it is..

Unknown said...


Thanks! About the directions to Woodys, they are provided by Keshav (I drove there under his directions.)

Keshav said...

You are most welcome. :-)

It was a pleasant experience to discover the wild in the heart of the city. The place was lovely and the dosa was amazing.

We shall frequent the place, for there is plenty yet to be seen and shot. :)

Santosh Bs said...

It was like reliving the memories of the past! I have virtually grown up around the mini forest area, earlier it was a bigger one, now pruned to accommodate traffic which was our playground, park, all in one for us.
Tks for reliving the memories of the past.
Keep Birding!
Happy Birding!

.. and you are yet to go birding near Valley School?


Unknown said...

I have been to Valley School just once. Here is the trip report :

Sorry to hear that the forest has shrunk over the years, no doubt the march of progress will take many casualties on its way.

Unknown said...

Though not a big jungle, its a wonderful place. I stay very close to this mini forest. If u go inside it, it looks like real forest. Uninhabited land precisely. I have taken few snaps in this forest this sunday. Have come out very well.

Shijoy said...

I think i can help you with ID's of some pics here(limited knowledge):)
in vertical order 1st row:
1.crimson rose butterfly
2.Plain tiger
4. Jewel bug

ur posts are nice to read..keep going :)

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