Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tiny wonders

It started out as a great idea. A drive to hebbal lake just 40 min away, to capture a shot of the Purple Heron. We left at 7:00am on an overcast morning. Gentle misty drizzle.
Reached the lake at 7:45 only to discover that it was being de-silted!

No matter, said we, (always the optimists) there is a lake just next to it with a little park attached, surely we can at least get some shots. But we were wrong, for the man at the gate said he would only let us in after 10:00am.

I have no idea how long the desilting of the lake is likely to take, nor the impact it will have on its avian residents. I was unable to find any time line mentioned for its completion. Any info regarding this is most welcome.

Disappointing though it was, there is ample opportunity for interesting things to photograph, provided ofcourse that one is prepared to look closely.

Praying Mantis

Im not certain if the name is correct, but certainly looks like one to me. Though I've never seen one with multiple colors before. This little guy was sitting on a tulsi plant in our balcony.


Again, I have no knowledge of the exact name. It seemed to be in some kind of trance. Hardly moved at all for over 15 min. Took a few shots and left it alone. ( Our Maid looked at me as though I had taken leave of my senses )


This was taken at Lal Bagh, on an overcast rainy day. There were two of them and an extremely curious black dog that couldnt understand what the fuss was about.

I dont know what insect this is. Shot was taken by accident while trying to take a picture of the purple flower in our balcony.

The following picture was taken at Lalbagh, by Keshav, who kindly let me add it to my bug collection. His blog can be found on the right side of this page.


Keshav said...

I truly am surprised at how crisply in focus the entire body of the caterpillar is. The best part is that almost everything else is blurred and out of focus. Having seen personally, how difficult the conditions were, a great photo.

anoop said...

i suspect that the Caterpillar shot has been post-processed, that too very recently :p. ye, the contrast is definitely much better now.

Aditya Kamath said...

The dragonfly u have shot is a ' Wandering Glider', also known as 'Globe Skimmer'.

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